Drum Storage

Drum Storage

Drum Storage

We offer a reliable comprehensive line of spill containment, drums and drum handling equipment to help manage your industrial drum needs. Fill, empty, move and store your drums safer and more efficiently. 1 Stop Material Handling's drums and drum handling supplies are manufactured by the industry's leading names including Valley Craft, UltraTech, ENPAC and Vestil. Whether your drum handling needs focus more on spill containment or extra security, we have the correct system and configuration for storing your drums.

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  1. Spill Decks

    Starting at $5.82

    Low-profile, modular spill decks allow you to design and create a spill containment system that meets your specific needs. These Ultra-Spill... Learn More
  2. EcoPolyBlend™ Accumulation Centers

    Starting at $12.70

    Provides you with eco-friendly and economical spill control. Made of 45% post-industrial recycled polyethylene. Low profile, durable modular... Learn More
  3. Flammable Drum Cabinets

    Starting at $56.34

    All welded double-wall 18 gauge construction with 1.5" insulating air space. double-walled door are 18 gauge (except for unique 14 gauge outer... Learn More
  4. Salvage Drums

    Starting at $56.67

    Helps prevent leaks during storage and transport. For safe and sure handling of leaking or damaged containers. Features 12 ga. bolt rings, sponge,... Learn More
  5. EcoPolyBlend™ Drum Sheds™

    Starting at $65.01

    These weather resistant outdoor DrumSheds™ give you high performance spill control and help reduce landfills by using recycled products.... Learn More
  6. ENPAC Spillpal™

    Starting at $85.29

    This flexible-sidewall SpillPal™ is the easiest to use and the most affordable hazardous material storage product on the market today.... Learn More
  7. Ramp Extender - Hardcovers with Spillpallets®
    Optional Poly Ramp Extender for Enpac  Drum Hardcovers With Spillpallets.    Works with the ENPAC Ramp to accommodate 17 Learn More
  8. Drum Hardcovers with SpillPallets®

    Starting at $86.77

    Small footprint maximizes your storage space and your drum pumps are able to be left in place. The two easy roll-up doors allow for both side and... Learn More
  9. ENPAC Poly Rack™ System

    Starting at $98.53

    Three part system for maximum containment efficiency!   Poly Racker™: The centerpiece of the Poly-Rack™ System is the... Learn More
  10. The Drum Management System

    Starting at $99.77

    This system combines your need efficient drum storage, positive spill control and safe liquid dispensing into one product. Modular system... Learn More
  11. ENPAC Low Profile Workstations™

    Starting at $101.47

    Ideal for using as a workstation or dispensing from your 55 gallon drums by providing custom secondary containment flooring. Hook 2, 4, 6 and 8... Learn More
  12. EcoPolyBlend™ Spill Pallets

    Starting at $134.18

    Compliant spill protection with up to 100% eco-friendly recycled polyethylene. Yellow pallets made from 35% recycled content, offer... Learn More
  13. Ultra-Spill Pallets Economy Models®

    Starting at $190.42

    Ultra-Spill Pallet Economy Models® have been developed specifically to meet tight budgets for spill containment products. 2-Drum and 4-Drum... Learn More
  14. Ultra-Spill Pallets Plus Models ®

    Starting at $224.66

    Combine heigh strength and low-profile features while meeting EPA Container Storage Regulations. Low 8¾" profile positions drum funnels below... Learn More
  15. Drum Storage Cabinets

    Starting at $226.01

    Let's you store 30 or 55 gallon drum horizontally. Keep your employees and yourself safe. Automatic closing models feature sequential door closure... Learn More
  16. Hard Top Spill Pallets

    Starting at $253.43

    These Hard Top Spill Pallets are built for safe outdoor storage and containment for up to 4 drums, as with its polyethylene construction it will... Learn More
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