Label Holders

Label Holders

Label Holders

1 Stop Material Handling has a labeling solution for every storage application: Pallet Rack, Steel Shelving, Wire Shelving, Bins, Totes, Drawers, Cabinets and more. Our Label Holders save you time and money by offering better storage organization. The insertable label feature makes designation changes simple and cost effective while virtually eliminating messy clean up of adhesive labels. All this and the bar codes are protected to ensure accurate scanning every time.

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  1. Plastic Tie Cinch Straps

    Starting at $2.57

    Ties for hanging warehouse tags and grouping small items. Convenient plastic straps quickly attach and tighten 4" long straps for... Learn More
  2. Plastic Label Holders for Standard Shelving

    Starting at $2.67

    Snaps onto shelf edge. Provides easy identification of shelf contents or section. Clear markers hold 1" to 1 1/4" high labels. Aso available in... Learn More
  3. Aigner Magnetic Card Holders

    Starting at $6.00

    Aigner Magnetic Label Holders Aigner Label Holders, are the best choice for metal rack, shelves, and cabinets. Fast, simple and versatile... Learn More
  4. Printed Warehouse Signs

    Starting at $8.57

    Industrial signs for safety, danger, warning, notice and identification.  Provides safety, hazard, notice, danger, caution, warning... Learn More
  5. Floor Label System
    Aigner's second generation Floor Labeling Kit incorporates most of the proven features of the original product, however it has been enhanced with... Learn More
  6. Econo-Holder™ Card Holders

    Starting at $10.50

    Econo-Holder™ Card Holder organizes shelves and bins quickly and economically. Changing inserts is as easy as removing, remarking and... Learn More
  7. Tri-Dex™ Label Holders

    Starting at $10.93

    Tri-Dex Label Holders provide a complete labeling solution for plastic bins with label slots. Just laser print a label or designation, slide it... Learn More
  8. Hol-Dex® Insertable Label Holders

    Starting at $11.79

    These Holdex insertable label holders will adhere to almost any surface. The durable plastic won't chip, crack or peel. Non-glare finish is bar... Learn More
  9. Superscan® GOLD Insertable Label Holders

    Starting at $13.50

    SuperScan® labels are tough, extra-large, bar-code compatible label holders help prevent damage to valuable bar code information during... Learn More
  10. Bin-Buddy ™ & Label Holders

    Starting at $13.93

    Finally a universal label holding system for plastic bins and totes! Bin-Buddy™ features a newly engineered self-adhesive back that will... Learn More
  11. Movable "Shelf" Label Holder

    Starting at $16.29

    These holders require no special mounting or attaching and stay neatly in place even when items are moved over top. Ideal for use on any type of... Learn More
  12. Shelf Clip™ Label Holders

    Starting at $17.79

    Shelf Clip Label Holders are quick and easy label designation system to mark either ¾" width wood or metal shelving! This flexible clear... Learn More
  13. Wire-Rac™ Label Holders

    Starting at $18.00

    Wire-Rac Label Holders are a great solution to organize wire shelving with a 1¼" face. This flexible, plastic label holder makes it... Learn More
  14. Warehouse Aisle Sign Kit
    Create your own customized "Aisle Signs" at a fraction of the custom printing cost! For warehouse applications just snap it into the pallet rack... Learn More
  15. Rack Maximum Load Markers

    Starting at $25.39

    Labels and signs to indicate permissible weights on warehouse racks.  Provide maximum load safety warning on all racks and... Learn More
  16. Slip-Strips™ Labels - Self Adhesive

    Starting at $28.07

    Slip-Strips Labels - Self Adhesive label holders are ideal for bar codes, point of sale and price displays. You can change labels as frequently as... Learn More
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