Precision Scales

Precision Scales

Precision Scales

Our selection of scales has been chosen to satisfy the broadest possible range of both commercial and non-commercial applications. We carry digital scales, analogue scales, floor scales, bench scales and platform scales. Precision scales are utilized mainly within the packaging and shipping department to find the most accurate and precise weight. To ensure the widest range of both features and value, we support leading most leading manufacturers, including Fairbanks Scales and American Scale.

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  1. AC Power Adapter - Ultegra® Bench Scale Line
    Optional AC power adapter for the Ultegra® Bench Scale Line.  Learn More
  2. FED-SHC Super High Resolution Counting Scales

    Starting at $29.00

    Both AC powered (adapted included), or Built-in Ni-Cad rechargable battery. Automatic power save. Low battery indicator alerts operator to charge... Learn More
  3. FED-APM/PM Series Bench Scales

    Starting at $49.00

    Use as a remote scale, front mount display bracket, wall mount with LCD display with 1" high easy-to-read characters. Both AC powered (adapter... Learn More
  4. Wash Down Dial Scale - Stainless Steel

    Starting at $75.00

    Perfect for economical weighing in food and chemical applications with easy-to-read large angled dial with sharply defined increments give pin... Learn More
  5. Stand for Display - Ultegra® Bench Scales
    Optional Stand for remote display for the Ultegra® Bench Scales. Fairbanks Scales' Ultegra Remote Display Stand was designed for use... Learn More
  6. Industrial Dial Scale

    Starting at $107.00

    For heavy, accurate economical weighing with easy-to-read large angled dial with sharply defined increments give pin sharp readings. Dual chart... Learn More
  7. Electronic All Purpose Portable Scale
    Portable - attached handle allows for easy transport. Includes large, easy-to-read, LCD display 1" high digits with backlight. Battery operated 9V... Learn More
  8. Remote Display - Ultegra® Bench Scales
    Optional remote display for the Ultegra Bench Scales. The 1520 Series Remote Display for the Ultegra & Ultegra MAX Parcel Scales featuring... Learn More
  9. Remote Display Digital Platform Scales

    Starting at $149.00

    Features stainless steel platform and cast aluminum base and LCD display with 2"H. digits. Choose the option with the " * "  for Legal-For-... Learn More
  10. FED-SD Standard Duty Digital Bench Scales

    Starting at $195.00

    When using battery power, auto-off timer saves battery. Two weigh modes: Kg, lbs. Safe overload of 150% capacity. Standard platform (12.4"... Learn More
  11. FED-LBK Series Weigh/Counting Scales

    Starting at $199.00

    Simple to use with only 5 color coded keys and attractive stainless steel weighing platform. Large back light LCD display with 1" high digits.... Learn More
  12. FED-SW Series Scales

    Starting at $228.99

    Perfect for any situations where fast and easy portion control is desired. Features stainless steel smooth top platform and back light LCD display... Learn More
  13. FED-CPW Plus Series Advanced Digital Bench Scales

    Starting at $248.99

    Precision weighing. Six capacities. Remote digital display. Weigh modes: lb., kg., oz., lb./oz. combinations. Both AC powered (adapter included)... Learn More
  14. Ultegra® Bench Scales

    Starting at $291.08

    A 150 lbs. capacity bench scale made from strong ABS composite material. The Ultegra® is an economical solution to a wide variety of... Learn More
  15. Ultegra® Jr. Bench Scale
    The Ultegra® Jr. Scale was designed to be the ideal light duty package scale with a capacity of 70 lbs. The Fairbanks' Ultegra® Line of... Learn More
  16. FED-CBK Precision Bench Scales

    Starting at $438.99

    Internal rechargeable battery with 90 hours of operation before requiring recharging. Large 1" digits with full numeric keypad. Full tare range... Learn More
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