Safety Cans & Receptacles

Safety Cans & Receptacles

Safety Cans & Receptacles

Storing and utilizing flammable, hazardous or combustile liquids can be hassle free, you just need the right equipment. Whether you need to dispense combustible and flammable liquids or provide a receptacle to keep your areas fire and odor free, we have what you are looking for. Leading manufacturers like Ultratech and Justrite provide us a comprehensive portfolio to meet your safety needs

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  1. Poly Funnel - Type I Safety Can
    Helps you when pouring and gives protection from spillage and splashing. Unique hinge design allows pouring or filling from the can without... Learn More
  2. Bucket Liner - Cease-Fire® Cigarette Butt Receptacle
    Optional burn resistant disposable bucket liner makes cleaning easier than ever. Simply use twist tie to close and discard.   Sold 10... Learn More
  3. Safety Cans - Type I

    Starting at $22.29

    This gives you a safe and approved method of dispensing combustible and flammable liquids. Corrosion resistant stainless steel arrester screen... Learn More
  4. Plunger Cans

    Starting at $26.70

    So easy to operate - just push down on pan and it automatically pumps liquids into pan to dampen sponge or rag. Perfect for sponging and cleaning... Learn More
  5. Bench Cans

    Starting at $33.62

    The spring-loaded dasher plate makes simple work of cleaning parts in solvent by easily submerging when pressing the plate down. The liquid then... Learn More
  6. Oily Waste Cans

    Starting at $36.22

    Oily Waste Cans are essential wherever solvent soaked wipes and rags are used. Sturdy galvanized steel body with carrying handle includes a... Learn More
  7. Cease-Fire® Cigarette Butt Receptacle
    Smokers Cease-Fire has an innovative design that limits the flow of oxygen in order to safely and quickly extinguish cigarettes to reduce the risk... Learn More
  8. Dip Tanks

    Starting at $45.32

    A safe and portable solution for you to clean parts and subassemblies. Can easily be moved in order to accommodate changing production... Learn More
  9. Accuflow™ Safety Cans - Type II

    Starting at $49.27

    Designed for maximum safety with smooth, fast controlled pouring. Perfect for when you need accurate, hassle free pouring into fuel tanks and... Learn More
  10. Smoke Stops
    Smoking receptacles keep areas clear of cigarette butts. Attractive design will complement any office, factory, restaurant, hotel or resort.... Learn More
  11. "Cease Fire" Waste Receptacles

    Starting at $77.39

    Your answer for the safe accumulation of waste paper and other solvent free combustibles. Provides round-the-clock protection to prevent fires.... Learn More
  12. Portable Mixing Tank - 5 Gallon
    Fully removable cover makes this container ideal for mixing operations and minimizes the risk of spills or fire when mixing hazardous, flammable... Learn More
  13. Trifecta® Waste Receptacles

    Starting at $207.46

    Four receptacles, a multitude of configuration. Trifecta® introduces flexible design to accomodate any workplace setting. Line them up, slip... Learn More
  14. Canmeleon™ - Recessed Panel Series

    Starting at $297.01

    Looking for a receptacle that blends into any environment? This affordable fluted panel design of Canmeleon™ will add beauty and... Learn More
  15. Black Speckle Receptacles

    Starting at $340.29

    Here's an idea to toss aroud, beautiful receptacles that won't show fingerprints! This distinctively designed collection is constructed with the... Learn More
  16. Canmeleon™ - Aggregate Series

    Starting at $685.06

    Looking for a receptacle that blends into any environment? This striking, molded-in stone aggregate design of Canmeleon™ will add beauty and... Learn More
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