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SMO Packaging Products

SMO Packaging Products

SMO Packaging Products

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  1. Utility Knives

    Starting at $2.85

    The Heavy Duty Knife is perfect for high volume cutting work.    Complete with one blade. Learn More
  2. Poly Strapping Tools And Accessories

    Starting at $4.79

    Economy Hand Tensioner: a low cost, low volume tensioner designed for use with standard hand strapping.  Learn More
  3. Replacement Blades - Durable Tape Dispensers

    Starting at $4.93

    Replacement Blades for Durable Tape Dispenser.  Learn More
  4. Durable Tape Dispensers

    Starting at $9.13

    Standard Duty Tape Dispenser: Seals cartons quickly, efficiently and in one smooth operation. Adjustable brake provides tape... Learn More
  5. Metal Filament Tape Dispensers

    Starting at $9.21

    Long-wearing dispenser cuts tough filament fibers cleanly, easily. Comfortable grip for all day use. Learn More
  6. Replacement Blades - Utility Knives

    Starting at $12.93

    Replacement Blades for the Standard Knife. Box of 100.  Learn More
  7. Protective Corrugated Wrap

    Starting at $13.04

    An economical protector featuring raised corrugated fluting to absorb shock and impact, guards against breakage and damage. Please... Learn More
  8. Kraft Wrapping Paper

    Starting at $20.94

    Low-cost wrap for all-purpose use. Strong Kraft paper is perfect for office and industrial products. Conveniently keep a handy rolls around the... Learn More
  9. Protective Bubble Packs

    Starting at $25.18

    Ends messy and expensive paper fillers, Protective Bubble Packs provide easy product identification. Lightweight for freight savings. Rolls are... Learn More
  10. Self-Seal Bubble Cushion Mailers

    Starting at $26.24

    Air bubbles protect contents against rough shipping and handling. Seals securely and quickly with a self sealing flap. Closes without tape,... Learn More
  11. Cushioning Roll Foam

    Starting at $31.54

    Protects any size or shape item against dust and dirt. Thick 1/8" polyfoam absorbs shocks and impacts. Non-abrasive protection for delicate items.... Learn More
  12. Handsome Literature Mailers

    Starting at $36.54

    Pamphlet Size Literature Mailer are constructed from protective 200 lb. white corrugated material. Ideal for packaging your flyers, price lists,... Learn More
  13. Table Top Dispensers

    Starting at $37.35

    Designed for fast and easy tape application. Built for endurance. Learn More
  14. Traditional Flat Mailers
    Mail stay flat and secure. Handsome white finish makes a good impression.  Flap easily self locks. Made from 100% recycled paperboard.... Learn More
  15. Bubble Film Rolls

    Starting at $42.15

    Bubble film rolls help keep your delicate items intact. Construction absorbs heavy impact. Warps around oddly shaped items. Lightweight for... Learn More
  16. Padded Shipping Bags

    Starting at $46.65

    Pre-scored top for easy sealing, just fold and staple or tape shut. Tear seam tab for quick opening. Handsome craft exterior. Maximum protection... Learn More
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42 items

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