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UltraTech International

The founders of UltraTech International pioneered the field of spill containment products in the early 1980's. UltraTech International was formed in 1993 with one goal in mind: to create the world's finest offering of spill containment and spill response products.

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  1. Rack Containment Trays

    Starting at $20.55

    Rack Containment Trays help to capture leaks and spills underneath pallet racking. Low-profile, 2¾", spill trays slide easily under pallet... Learn More
  2. Ultra-Roof Drip Diverters ®

    Starting at $23.29

    Catch roof leaks and divert them away from office and equipment and eliminate costly damages. Large, vinyl-coated fabric catches roof leaks and... Learn More
  3. Magnetic Rack Protectors
    Protect warehouse racking from costly damage from forklifts, pallet jacks and other equipment. Rack Protectors offer a heavy-duty magnet which... Learn More
  4. Spill Berms

    Starting at $31.51

    Interim Spill Berm seals off spills from the environment and nearby drains or doorways. They are standard 10 foot sections which can be cut to... Learn More
  5. Corner, Wall And I-Beam Protectors

    Starting at $41.10

    Help increase plant safety and reduce facility maintenance costs. Safety yellow, polyethylene units maintain appearance without constant upkeep.... Learn More
  6. Flexible Utility Trays

    Starting at $41.10

    These Ultratech Flexible Utility Trays are convenient, compact and foldable trays suited to capture small leaks and spills. Six sizes available to... Learn More
  7. Ultra-Utility Trays®

    Starting at $50.69

    These trays have a heavy-duty polyethylene construction that will not rust or corrode. Helps to keep messy drips off your warehouse floors. Ribbed... Learn More
  8. Smoke Stops
    Smoking receptacles keep areas clear of cigarette butts. Attractive design will complement any office, factory, restaurant, hotel or resort.... Learn More
  9. Pop Up Pools

    Starting at $57.54

    Pop Up Pools instantly instantly expand to capture leaks from saddle tanks, pipes, hydraulic lines and many other industrial incidents. Simply... Learn More
  10. Drain Seals

    Starting at $78.08

    UltraTech Drain Seals are exceptional for stopping spills from going down the drain. Incorporate this valuable addition to your emergency... Learn More
  11. IBC Spill Pallet

    Starting at $84.93

    Portable and economical containment for IBC's. Low profile, 28" overall height allows safe and convenient IBC tank handling and dispensing. All... Learn More
  12. Ultra-Overpacks® Plus

    Starting at $156.17

    Highest performance of any 65- or 95- gallon poly overpack on the maket. Easy to close screw top lid. Very-economical, competitively... Learn More
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