Valley Craft Prod.

Valley Craft Prod.

Valley Craft Prod.

Valley Craft was established in 1953 when Carl Weinmann introduced the first hand truck with a brake. Over the last 6 decades, the company has grown to become a world class manufacturer known for its expertise in manufacturing rugged and versatile storage solutions, a wide variety of long lasting hand trucks, trailers, and cartsm and hydraulic drum handling devices and portable lifts

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  1. Attachments - Versa-Lift™

    Starting at $100.00

    Steel Platform - 24" x 24" steel platform rests on model HF89406A8 pallet forks to convert unit into a platform lift. For positioning work and... Learn More
  2. Gravity-Actuated Mechanical Drum Snatcher™
    Never leave the fork lift truck! Gravity-actuated mechanical drum snatcher is economical and easy to use. Just slide the forks into the fork tube... Learn More
  3. Bulldog™ Heavy Duty Cabinets

    Starting at $551.25

    The Bulldog™ all-welded, 16 gauge heavy duty steel cabinets feature shelving that handles up to 1,000 lbs .each and is adjustable on... Learn More
  4. EZY-ROL™ - Steel Tilt Trucks

    Starting at $563.50

    The name means quality. EZY-ROL™ brand tilt trucks are manufacteured to handle bulky loads with stability and ease. Saving time is one... Learn More
  5. Gravity-Actuated Auto-Grips™

    Starting at $690.96

    Gravity-actuated mechanical Auto-Grip™ lift truck attachment is the most efficient on consistently sized loads. The jaws are spring-and-cam... Learn More
  6. Bulldog™ Deep Door Bin & Shelf Cabinets

    Starting at $1,031.11

    Large or small, the Bulldog™ Deep Door Bin & Shelf Cabinet stores it all. Maximum storage capacity with the combination of shelves and... Learn More
  7. Bulldog™ Jumbo Bin & Shelf Cabinets

    Starting at $1,087.02

    A 3-point locking handle keeps the contents safe and secure in the Bulldog™ Jumbo Bin & Shelf Cabinet, while providing 25% more storage... Learn More
  8. Bulldog™ Utility Drawer Cabinets

    Starting at $1,211.54

    The Bulldog™ Utility Drawer Cabinet is a jumbo cabinet with a utility drawer system offering multiple storage capabilities. Change bin and... Learn More
  9. Ultra-Grip III™ - Lift Truck Attachment

    Starting at $1,730.06

    This self-powered hydraulic Ultra-Grip III™ is the latest innovation fork-mounted drum handling. Providing three fully-hydraulic,... Learn More
  10. Versa-Lift™ Drum Handlers

    Starting at $2,594.09

    Versa-Lift¾ manually propelled drum handler is a multi-purpose positioner that efficiently performs medium-duty and "in-between" handling... Learn More
  11. Drum Dumpers - Single Stage

    Starting at $3,133.87

    These standard heavy duty Drum Dumper lifts and pours plastic, steel, fiber drums, and cylindrical containers up to 24" diameter, with 1,000 lbs.... Learn More
  12. Roto-Lift™ Rotating Drum Lift

    Starting at $4,146.98

    Valley Craft's Roto-Lift™ rotating drum handler is a manually propelled, straddle type portable lift that centers the load between the... Learn More
  13. Roto-Grip™ Drum Handlers

    Starting at $7,501.75

    Valley Craft's Roto-Grip™ portable lift rotates and lifts steel drums and cylinders 18-24" with electric clamping jaws. Choose from 78" or... Learn More
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